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Jacopo Pesci

At the age of 14 he started studying guitar and later singing, but he soon realized that audio world thrilled him so much that, after finishing high schools, he started working as the technical responsible in a congress center. He improved his working expertise for eight years in a service dedicated to conferences and conventions, taking advantage of any spare time to carry out professional training and to tend to live exhibitions of several groups, not only from Florence. In 2015 he mixed up his passion and experience to start his own entrepreneurship.


Andrea D'Amato


Class of '92, he approached music and entertainment at the age of 16, when he started playing piano, a passion which he cultivates still now. Soon after, driven by curiosity, he moved to "the other side of the stage", drawn by those misterious small lights and knobs. At the age of 20 he finally decided to become a professional audio/light technician, adding to the assistence to musical events also congresses and meetings. Since the age of 22 he has been dealing with lights and consoles.